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How To Maximize Your Index Returns?
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Ownership, Earnings, and Cost Control Proves Beneficial

Market-cap mutual funds and ETFs are very common, but many investors do not realize the disadvantages of market-cap weighted index funds. Because the stocks they hold are weighted based on size, there is no consideration given to the actual health and quality of the firms. Companies are removed when they fall below the market-cap requirements, […]

3 Index Investing Strategies That Prioritize Quality Results

Index investing strategies have become exceptionally popular in recent decades, but innovators and academics are delving increasingly into strategies designed to improve upon the benefits provided by simple indexes. If you are indexing, you cannot produce alpha, which is fine for many people. However, there is value in outperformance, so passive investment providers have devoted […]

What Every Investor Needs to Understand About Inflow and Outflow

Inflows and outflows to US equity markets are an important and misunderstood factor driving portfolio returns. Investors often attribute the performance of any given stock to the underlying company’s operating results and the market’s assessment of their business prospects. These are certainly central, driving factors, but the vast majority of equities are correlated to their […]