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Why are Linden Thomas factored growth indexes superior to traditional indexes?


Establish Your Financial Goals

Establishing your financial goals is always the first step in developing a long-term investment plan. Your investment goals should take into consideration both your short-term and long-term growth and income needs. Additional areas of consideration include the amount of money you currently have saved, how much risk you are willing to assume to achieve your goals, and your overall time horizon for reaching your goals.

Develop Your Personal Investment Plan

Developing your investment plan takes time and consideration. At Linden Thomas and Company, we work hard to assist you in establishing a customized plan designed specifically around your financial goals. As your independent financial advisors, we take a realistic and practical approach in developing your plan, and once established, do everything in our power to keep you focused. This means maintaining a disciplined approach to achieving your goals.

Implementation of Your Investment Plan

As independent financial consultants and top private wealth managers, we are free to seek out the best investment managers and investment vehicles in which to implement your investment plan.

Review Your Investment Results

Using an experienced financial advisor to oversee the asset allocation strategy, as well as the investment managers used, may help provide a valuable conduit to reaching the client’s goals.

Reporting and Managing Your Expectations

While sound planning and implementation are paramount to our client’s success over time, another important component of the process is reporting.At Linden Thomas and Company, we strive to provide our clients with a quarterly report that is easy to read and understand, and which clearly conveys the progress each client has made toward reaching his/her goals.


Establish Your

Financial Goals


Develop Your

Personal Investment Plan


Implementation of

Your Investment Plan


Review Your

Investment Results


Reporting and Managing

Your Expectations

At Linden Thomas, we believe most indexes focus on the wrong things like weighting the index based on the size of a company (market cap). Few indexes screen for quality earnings or growth and many indexes therefore hold many low-quality companies. The chart below is a historical comparison of the Vanguard 500 Index and our Earnings Focus (SMA) Index LTLEFT.

LT Growth Chart

Unlike a mutual fund index or index ETF, where stocks are selected based on market cap (cap size), our factored growth indexes use earnings quality to determine if a stock qualifies. After all, financially-healthy companies tend to outperform unhealthy companies. By “quality”, we mean that these companies are profitable, have strong earnings, and are financially sound (solvent). The difference in results can be clearly see when you compare the 3, 5, and 7 year Trailing Returns History of our Aggressive Growth Index to several of the most popular traditional indexes below.

LT Growth Chart

We reconstitute and reapply the earnings quality matrix to the equities in each index annually, to validate earnings quality along with earnings growth. This process is the foundation of quality control as it allows Linden Thomas to eliminate companies that no longer meet our earnings quality standard. This outcome of this discipline applied over a 10 year period can be seen when you compare the Annualized Returns of our Aggressive Growth Index to the Vanguard 500 Index.

LT Growth Chart
Maximize Your Index Return
Maximize Your Index Return
Linden Thomas and Company

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Linden Thomas and Company has been working with high-net-worth individuals, families and businesses for more than 25 years and has been consistently ranked as a top independent financial advisor by Barron’s, Forbes and Financial Times. The disciplined institutional approach that Linden Thomas has developed is focused on creating efficient portfolios that are designed to be a results driven, and coupled with world class customer service.

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Do I Qualify?

Our clients generally have a range of $1 million to over $30 million invested at our firm, with a goal of attaining superior risk adjusted results.

Our clients are often well educated and are looking for superior results. Depending on each client’s individual risk assessment, we seek to create portfolios that are designed to attain superior risk adjusted results. What we have found is successful people want successful results. Through our disciplined approach we have not only created value in results, but our process is performed with transparency that makes the net costs clear to each client.