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What You Don't Know

What Every Investor Needs to Understand About Inflow and Outflow

Inflows and outflows to US equity markets are an important and misunderstood factor driving portfolio returns. Investors often attribute the performance of any given stock to the underlying company’s operating results and the market’s assessment of their business prospects. These are certainly central, driving factors, but the vast majority of equities are correlated to their […]

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How to Avoid Concentration Risk at All Costs (So It Doesn’t Cost You Everything)

There are a number of risks associated with investing if you do not diversify your pot of stocks and bonds to capture a larger share of the market. Selecting securities, stocks and bonds, that span a wide range of sectors is a good way to secure yourself from a market downturn. Investors need to remember […]

What You Don't Know

Everything You Need to Know About an Index ETF

ETFs (exchange traded funds) have become very popular investment tools in recent years. The use of ETFs has only been around for a few decades but these funds have already amassed global assets totaling $5 trillion. That is shocking growth for what is a relatively new form of investment vehicle. What draws investors to an […]

What You Don't Know

Market Cap Migration

This post will briefly discuss market cap migration, and explain the potential situations in which it could potentially place an investor. What Exactly is Market Cap? Market cap, or market capitalization, is the total amount of a company’s shares in dollars. The simple way to figure a company’s market cap would be to take the […]

What You Don't Know

3 Costly Misconceptions About Index Funds

Passive investing has grown in popularity over recent years as investors look for good performance with low fees. In fact, passive index funds now hold 42% of all U.S. market assets and that number is only expected to grow as many retail investors look to adopt this popular style of investing. However, as most people’s […]

What You Don't Know

What is Index Arbitrage and How Can You Use It for Your Own Investing?

Front running is not a term that the average investor ever discusses or even really needs to understand. This is because front running is actually illegal. The term front running generally refers to something that is done by investment professionals to gain an unethical edge over the average retail investor. However, there is a form […]

What You Don't Know

What is Index Reconstitution and How Does it Affect Investors?

Index funds have become incredibly popular over the last few years. In fact, these passive investment funds already hold nearly 30% of the market’s assets – and that number is expected to continue to rise. The promise of low costs, easy diversification, and simple investing solutions has caused many investors to flock to these funds […]

What You Don't Know

Can Actively Managed Funds Really Beat Index Funds?

Unfavorable stock market conditions may create opportunities for actively managed funds to outperform their passive counterparts. Bear markets are an unavoidable part of the market cycle, and a maturing bull run can induce stress among investors. Rising interest rates and rich equity valuations represent obstacles to sustained stock market growth, necessitating some analysis from anyone […]

What You Don't Know

The Tax Issues That Come with Index Funds

There are a number of tax advantages that come from holding index funds, but there are also disadvantages associated with the same financial vehicles. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the key points to keep in mind while moving forward with your tax planning using financial vehicles like index funds. The tax advantage to […]


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Maximize Your Index Return
Maximize Your Index Return
Linden Thomas & Company

One of America’s Top Wealth Managers builds a better Index

At Linden Thomas, we believe most indexes focus on the wrong things like weighting the index based on the size of a company (market cap).

We agree with many long-term academic studies that continue to validate the importance of how quality earnings are directly connected to real equity performance…

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What You Don't Know

Can Indexes Fail?

First-time or inexperienced investors may have concerns about the potential collapse of index funds, making them reluctant to invest in certain equities or within certain markets. Some investors may not know what constitutes an index fund or be aware of the potential benefits from investing in an index fund. This article aims to allay some […]

What You Don't Know


If you own shares in a publicly-traded company, it’s likely that you’ve heard the term delisting bandied about. It’s also possible that you own shares of a delisted stock, or a stock that is considering delisting as part of a different financial strategy. This article will overview delisting, explain what happens when a stock is […]

What You Don't Know

The Real Costs Associated with Index Funds

The real cost of index funds is often unclear to investors. Investment costs have become heavily scrutinized in recent decades due to academic research, technology and competition. Indexing and other passive strategies have rapidly transformed capital markets in recent decades, and with good reason. The alpha generated by active managers may not always justify the […]

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