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Mike A.

Mike A.
Michael Allison has been a financial advisor for 12 years. He has experience working for wire houses, retail bank wealth management and registered investment advisory firms. Mike grew up in the Midwest and has been in Charlotte since 2000. Mike is married and has two teenage daughters. He is active in coaching youth sports, investment committees at his church and enjoys outdoor activities, traveling and watching college basketball.


Top 10 Most Asked Questions

Index Fund Risk: What You Must Know Before Investing

Index fund risk is rarely discussed, likely because it is often overlooked and frequently misunderstood. This is a troublesome fact at a time in which indexing has taken over 30% of total ETF and mutual fund assets, a figure expected to rise above 50% in 5 years. Many investors assume that index funds are safe […]

Integrate Active and Passive Management

6 Reasons Passive Investing is a Promising Strategy

In the investment world, the passive vs. active investment debate has been raging on for years. Each method has its own pros and cons that appeal to different individuals depending on their investment goals and strategies. Over the past few years, passive investing has been growing rapidly in popularity among investors. This is largely shown […]

Finer Points

How Risky Is Securities Lending?

An alternate way in which investors can add value to their exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is to lend out certain shares within the fund to interested borrows. This practice is known as securities lending. While lending securities can be a fairly easy way to make some additional revenue off of securities that you already own – […]

Finer Points

Portfolio Rebalancing: Why and How You Need to Do It

Many investors begin investing with the hope that they can grow their money without becoming overly involved in the day-to-day management of their portfolio. Despite some movies making day trading seem exciting and fun, it is not the goal of the average investor. Instead, most investors would like to take a buy-and-hold approach to investing. […]

Investing for The Wealthy

How to Build a Stock Portfolio that Produces More Competitive Returns

When investing, everyone wants to see the total value of their portfolio grow. Some investors may be content with steady growth that outpaces inflation and fees paid to invest while others may want to see returns that beat some of the best portfolios available. In either case, achieving those results requires learning how to build […]

How To Maximize Your Index Returns?
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Clayton W.

Clayton W.

Clayton B. Wood joined Linden Thomas & Company as a Financial Advisor. He attended Bowling Green State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a…
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