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David S.

David S.


Integrate Active and Passive Management

Index Funds vs Indexed SMAs: What You Need to Know to Make the Right Choice

Passive investing with index funds has grown in popularity over the past 20 years, forcing many people to weigh the relative merits of index funds and Separately Managed Accounts (SMA). Each investment vehicle has strengths and weaknesses, and understanding how these characteristics blend with the goals and needs of a financial plan can lay the […]

Integrate Active and Passive Management

5 Reasons Why So Many Investors Prefer Active Management

In recent years, passive investing has been growing in popularity among investors. People are attracted to the “buy and hold” strategy that goes with passive investing. However, despite this growing popularity, a lot of investors still prefer active management for their investment portfolio. Why has active investing remained popular as passive investing grows? What attracts […]

Investing for The Wealthy

Reduce Overlapping

If you are a novice investor, you may or may not be familiar with the term “overlapping,” or understand why you as an investor would want to reduce overlapping at every opportunity. This article will discuss strategies to reduce overlapping, and aims to educate investors on some strategies for better diversification of their respective portfolios. […]

Investing for The Wealthy

Reduce Taxes

Regardless of your view on taxes – whether you consider taxation to be theft, the inevitable, or most likely the cost of living in an economically-strong country – it’s very unlikely that you want to pay more than you potentially owe on your income taxes. This article will discuss a number of ways to reduce […]

What You Don't Know

3 Costly Misconceptions About Index Funds

Passive investing has grown in popularity over recent years as investors look for good performance with low fees. In fact, passive index funds now hold 42% of all U.S. market assets and that number is only expected to grow as many retail investors look to adopt this popular style of investing. However, as most people’s […]

How To Maximize Your Index Returns?
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